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Anastacia lyn newkirk dating websites

If I was a lesbian, I would definitely want to date Ri Ri,’ she grins, adding, ‘I probably held myself back before my cancer, trying to be cool, but now I don’t bother.

On Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy: ‘I heard about it and felt as though she was an angel. I’m not alone.” Her announcement also made me feel that I didn’t have to go public with mine,' she said'The mastectomy was a choice for life.

Anastacia has explains why she lied about her age and “went crazy for Botox” during her singing career. Earlier this year Maggie Gyllenhaal, 37, revealed she was deemed too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old male actor.

At the height of her career the singer was plagued by rumours she was older than she claimed. Rebel Wilson also mocked reporters who exposed her alleged real age, tweeting "I'm actually a 100-year-old mermaid".

Dubbed ‘the little lady with the big voice’, the 5ft 2in songstress has sold more than 30 million records globally and had five top ten albums in the UK (most notably her hugely successful debut album Not That Kind in 2000).

As well as having breast cancer twice, she has suffered from the inflammatory disease Crohn’s since she was 12; was abandoned as a child by her Ukrainian father, now dead (the lyrics for ‘Left Outside Alone’ were inspired by his walking out, she tells me), and, in 2010, divorced her former bodyguard Wayne Newton, whom she was married to for three years.

The tour she had planned to promote her previous album, It’s A Man’s World, was cancelled when she found out in February 2013 that her breast cancer had returned, ten years to the month from when she was first diagnosed with the disease.

În ciuda succesului întâmpinat pe continentul amintit, în Oceania cântecul nu a reușit să emuleze reușitele înregistrării „I'm Outta Love”, obținând vânzări insuficiente pentru a intra în ierarhia neo-zeelandeză și ocupând poziții mediocre în Australia.

Cu toate acestea, „Paid My Dues” rămâne unul dintre cele mai importante cântece din întreaga carieră a artistei.

Discul single ce anunța cariera interpretei a fost lansat în februarie 1999, el fiind intitulat „I'm Outta Love”.

În ciuda succesului întâmpinat la nivel internațional, în țara natală a solistei, „I'm Outta Love” a ocupat doar poziția cu numărul 92 în lista Billboard Hot 100, fiind și singura intrare a artistei în acest clasament.

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