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Bbc essex jamcams

One other individual was arrested last night in New York as part of the same two year FBI undercover operation. Survey reveals tech security generation gap(Computer World, dated 21st June 2012 author Jaikumar Vijayan) Full article : Young, tech-savvy people pay substantially less attention to online security risks and are therefore more likely to experience security problems than older people.That's the not very surprising findings of a survey conducted by Zone Alarm, a unit of security vendor Check Point Software Technologies."What we are finding is that increasingly cybercriminals are targeting both businesses and consumers right here in China," said Nick Psyhogeos, vice president of Microsoft's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) business solutions group.Japan police offer first-ever reward for wanted hacker(Computer World, dated 13th December 2012 author Jay Alabaster) Full article : Japanese police are looking for an individual who can code in C#, uses a "Syberian Post Office" to make anonymous posts online, and knows how to surf the web without leaving any digital tracks -- and they're willing to pay.

Governments should spend more to cybercriminals, researchers say(Computer World, dated 18th June 2012 author Lucian Constantin) Full article : Improving the ability of law enforcement agencies to catch cybercriminals should be a priority when governments decide how their cybersecurity budgets get spent, according to University of Cambridge security engineering professor Ross Anderson. who recently performed an analysis of the costs of cybercrime at the request of the U. Secret Service laced honeypot with seduction to catch hackers(Computer World, dated 11th June 2012 author Darlene Storm) Full article : The Ultimate Guide to Social Engineering [PDF] states "social engineers offer free gifts of favors" counting on the fact that reciprocation is a human impulse. The Secret Service successfully lured the Romanians into the United States by using one of the oldest tricks in the book, by "using a female agent as a honeypot.Security researchers have advised users for years to call their banks in order to verify the authenticity of any unusual error messages or requests they encounter while performing online banking operations.This type of attack could defeat that basic defense.The case is an embarrassing one for the police, in which earlier this year four individuals were wrongly arrested after their PCs were hacked and used to post messages on public bulletin boards.The messages included warnings of plans for mass killings at an elementary school posted to a city website.

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Leveraging the trust users put in the legitimate companies, cybercriminals succeed in tricking victims into divulging logins, passwords and other sensitive information. Cybercriminals increasingly use online banking fraud automation techniques(Computer World, dated 26th June 2012 author Lucian Constantin) Full article : Cybercriminals attempted to steal at least $75 million from high-balance business and consumer bank accounts by using sophisticated fraud automation techniques that can bypass two-factor authentication, according to a report released on Monday by antivirus firm Mc Afee and online banking security vendor Guardian Analytics.

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