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The team brings some fast-paced thrills we have wanted for almost a year and a half.3. I may have already said this, but this movie targets a wide variety of audience members in some form or manner.

Yet this reviewer has to give props for the design of a character that is certainly worthy of representing the female super heroes and inspiring the female population that they certainly can do anything. Comedic timing: It's not going to be a super hero movie (at least in this day and age) without some laughs to break up the tension.

The horse-whipping scene in the movie was shot after principal photography was completed.

Outside of Chris Pine, the other members do little for the overall mission outside of a few throws, some "tracking" and mainly comedic relief.

There were hints at character development and deeper dynamics, but they fizzled out faster than sparkler at 4th of July.

Sort of felt like the ending to X-men apocalypse where the bad guys bark was worse than his bite.

The VERDICT: Wonder Woman delivers on many levels and breaks the mediocre displays that DC has cranked out over the last year.

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So, the studio has decided to get the leading lady herself to pave the way.

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