Fabrics estate liquidating trust

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This way, as plaintiff’s counsel, we already know the likelihood of recovery in each potential action and can maximize the return to the bankruptcy estate we serve.In the last decade we have recovered more than 0 million on behalf of debtors, creditors’ committees and bankruptcy trustees.The table below demonstrates that net proceeds will be higher with ASK than a competitor quoting a 5% lower fee.ASK LLP charges a contingency fee and advances all costs, including filing fees.In this example, an OCB range of 32 to 47 days results in a projected net recoverable preference of 5,349.64.While ASK LLP may not be the lowest percentage cost service provider, we provide the best value as our rate of return is far higher than our competition.Net Preference Analysis – This spreadsheet is used to arrive at the projected value of a case.We accomplish this by using different OCB ranges to determine the net exposure after both the OCB and New Value defenses.

Given the efficiencies resulting from our proprietary case management systems and economies of scale, we rarely hesitate to commence litigation if a "deadline" payment date has expired.

Our attorneys are well versed in the latest legal opinions related to avoidance actions and, in fact, because of our involvement in so many cases we have significantly shaped the body of recent case law in this field.

Our experience gives ASK LLP attorneys a unique understanding of the merits of each case, which allows us to formulate the best strategy for resolving the case in a manner favorable to our client.

Judgments are promptly enforced by levies against identified bank accounts and garnishment of other assets. The two year history, excluding the 90 days before the start of the preference period. The one year payment history The weighted average for each time slice is computed based on (i) all invoices and (ii) after excluding the outliers (top/bottom 10%). We then calculate the weighted averages under both methods for the Preference Period using our proprietary software.

ASK LLP determines a historical baseline based on the weighted average invoice date to payment date (or by days past due) for the following potential "baselines": 1. We next compare the weighted average results for the two time periods, and can determine the appropriate variation between the preference and historical period.

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In this example, a total of 765 transfers totaling $33.5 million is reduced to 191 actual recoverable transfers totaling $15.4 million.