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Free sexplay chat

And as we now know, dad wasn't exactly your most faithful, upstanding gentleman. He was such a trooper that he answered as best he could, blushing, without either getting mad or running off screaming.A couple times I grabbed his ass in a semi-friendly way to congratulate him for something. Once I hugged him tight and grabbed his arms and put them around me, hands down near my rear end.I was 19 and off to college, if you call dorming half an hour away off to college, when my dad left my mom.I was devastated, for all the reasons you would expect me to be, plus another.

I stayed in my room very late the next day and avoided all talk by exaggerating my hangover, but dad never mentioned it even later. I know, this all sounds lame, especially for a year plus of work, but that's what I'm saying. In my impatience, I undid it myself, and they sprang free. Kiss my boobies, Daddy." She didn't really kiss them, more engulfed them hungrily.

"I know this is a lot to take in, and if I were a good mother, I probably would have just kept it to myself. While we were hugging, I actually asked, out loud, a question that had been bugging me. "It was just a stupid threat, a terrible thing to say. my God, I don't know how to say this -- but it's about par for the course today I suppose -- I think he knew what I meant." "What? Blood was rushing to my head, and I again thought I was going to faint. "The worst part," Mom continued softly, "is that I would have followed through on my threat.

But Laura, your father doesn't deserve to be thought of as someone who just picked up and ran off with someone and left little old me here by myself, blameless. I'm the one you should hate, not him." That snapped my out of it, a little. But I don't hate you." She smiled up at me, I think she'd run out of tears. I had to start with the fact that my dad -- and my mom! And after I got that revelation through my head there were...

Since my 18th birthday I had resolved to seduce my dad.

I don't know what made me decide I wanted him to fuck me, but it became a quest. Since I am a complete wuss, it wasn't anything I ever had the courage to pursue with a lot of determination.

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I v-e-r-y slightly ground my pussy into his leg (he's taller than I am), but nothing came of that either.

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