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This article treats the history and development of book, newspaper, and magazine publishing in its technical and commercial aspects.The preparation and dissemination of written communication is followed from its beginnings in the ancient world to the modern period.

Gutenberg’s achievement was not a single invention but a whole new craft involving movable metal type, ink, paper, and press.It grew from the climate and needs of the first, and it fought in the battles of the second.It has been at the heart of the expanding intellectual movement of the past 500 years.The mechanization of printing in the 19th century and its further development in the 20th, which went hand in hand with increasing literacy and rising standards of education, finally brought the printed word to its powerful position as a means of influencing minds and, hence, societies.The functions peculiar to the publisher— selecting, editing, and designing the material; arranging its production and distribution; and bearing the financial risk or the responsibility for the whole operation—often merged in the past with those of the author, the printer, or the bookseller.

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With increasing specialization, however, publishing became, certainly by the 19th century, an increasingly distinct occupation.

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