Sex behind the scenes

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Samantha and Darrin shared a bed on increasingly common and with them easily accessible pornography.

No longer did kids have to visit a friend with an HBO subscription to see nudity.

We’ve entered a new era of realistic, wide-ranging on-screen intimacy that reveals as much about our society’s evolving social and sexual politics as it does about any one character. New streaming services, not bound by industry rules and norms, are taking bigger risks, such as the Amazon show Beau Willimon even credits the advent of the Internet and its abundance of online porn for freeing him from relying on sex scenes as an enticing ratings booster.

On command, a trigger would pull the pin and drop the bed.“Her sexuality, her powers — they’re simply a matter of fact.” Jessica’s also a survivor of serial rape, but those working on the show wanted to make sure her sexual appetite wasn’t seen as being rooted in trauma.“Jessica Jones is messy,” said Rachael Taylor, who plays Jessica’s best friend, Trish.“Especially because they always rely so heavily on women making it look sexy. And I think they're handled the same way the superpowers are: straightforward, and from a place of character truth.” Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg had a similar perspective on why we see Jessica having sex so often.“One of the things I love most about her is she’s very unapologetic about who she is,” Rosenberg said.

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And, yes, we hear a lot about Tony Stark’s bedroom conquests, but no Iron Man or Avengers director would ever get away with depicting his preferred sexual positions. As anyone who binge-watched Netflix’s new superhero-noir series can tell you, it’s remarkably frank about sexuality: There are a half-dozen sex scenes, and they're as vivid as they are realistic.

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