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An OTRS volunteer will read the email, answer and will fix the file description page. The easiest thing to do is to upload only pictures you took directly from your camera, not taken of other's work; if you do that, you won't have this problem.--Prosfilaes ( Hi.

I am hopeless on categories so would appreciate guidance. The path is a subcategory of Hiking in England now - can of course have more parent categories, e.g.

My conclusion is what we needn't correct the implication that picture tilting is a working feature, since we don't know whether it is true.

However the implication that all the pictures of a category or article will be rotated upon request is evidently mistaken, so I intend to correct it.

If one knows how many of this wrestling fans just grab images from the internet and make strange photographer claims here on Commons and Wikipedia it was not unreasonable to think the source information (own work) is unreliable.

Someone wants to delete a picture I've added (Jan Stig Andersen).Jim.henderson (Well, there are still images that need to bot rotated manually.Personally I tagged a few needing 2° or 3° degrees and they were done quite rapidly (some time ago).I included author and source information in the description I just submitted.Wikipedia indicated that they are missing, thereby giving the false impression that I did not submitt them. With your question above - I fixed it already - you used a wrong syntax.

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