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He was walking behind me on a dirt road apparantly fiddling with the "safety" and the gun went off. Over the years I have just developed a habit of staying away from anyone that shows up anywhere for anything with one of the cheap bolt shotguns. The bolt body is two parts and BOTH parts are secure BEHIND the reciever cutout.I thought the recall was because the gun would fire sometimes when the bolt was lifted in some way. When a gun, any gun including a cannon or a artillery piece, is "in battery", it is loaded, cocked and locked. The Sears guns that were recalled could be loaded, cocked and locked but the lock was not positive. So how can the bolt be drivin rearward and strick someonre in the face? 0_0422.jpgnotice the bottom shot gun........sorry guys but here's the truth.... sears was sued by an idiot that tried to use the model in question with a stripped and lose bolt stop screw.This is the same screw you remove to to take the bolt out of the action to clean it .However some people lost these screws put in some other kind of screw offten striped and some people even used these guns with out one at all result was somebody fired one these guns with above issue.Hot (high pressure) loads were not a factor in this problem. Sears recalled them to protect them selves as the jc higgins model was exclusive sears product made for them by high standard manufacturing.Based on an H&R Riesing Patten which Sears bought and owned .The only way I was finally able to get the bananna peel effect was to take a oversized lead swaging slug and hammer it into the end of the barrel and then fire with a double charged load.But the most interesting thing that I realized through the course of blowing up over 8 of these is this....... I currently have two of them for sale in my shop and have no worries anymore about selling or shooting them. Well, you have done something that I have never done, blow up a shotgun barrel!

I have said this in several posts there is nothing wrong with these guns except they are not idiot proof, check your bolt stop screw, if its good ( not striped or missing and stays tight) you are golden these guns are completely safe to shoot and better than a lot of the crap they make today and worth more than of Sears funny money and lot better gun than pot metal chinese H&R pumps half mexican mossbergs out. The fact that an awfull lot of the J C Higgins were in heavy use for 50 plus years and still are, says a lot for them. Some gunsmith made quick money selling the bolts I have made a lot more fixing them, selling them and supplying parts to people who need parts.

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This would blow the bolt back through the shooter's eye and into the front of his skull. If you own one of these recalled Sears guns, it is yours and you can do with it as you see fit. I found some threads on another gunsite and here they are from a 35 year gunsmith who has dealt with these guns.... When he opened the bolt and pulled the bolt back, he pulled it so hard that bolt stop screw came out, the bolt came out and he hit himself in the eye .

Shooters did not like this and Sears recalled these guns. I will never tell anyone what to do with appreciate the info... No, the gun did not blowup, it was not even a result of shooting it, it was the result of improper and carless use of firearms.

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